RTL50E (A4)
Economic Back Lit Film for Inkjet Printers



Economic Lite Film®, 135µm for Inkjet Printers

(Backlit Film / Backlit Paper / Back lit Paper for LED Window Panels / LED Lightboxes)

Sheet size

297mm x 210mm 


  • Cost-effective solution for LED Window Displays
  • Standard and vibrant colour expression with any Inkjet printer.
    (Some Laser Copiers are printable. A pre-test is recommended.)
  • Translucent & Printer-friendly thin Film
  • Easy to insert into LED Lightboxes / LED Window Displays
  • Excellent light illumination in the LED panels
  • Tear-free and Heat resistant film

Compatible printer

  • Any Inkjet Printers

Print side

  • It is printable on the matt-white side only

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