About Us

We are a fast growing and reliable supplier of Large Format Print Media, Digital Press Media and Display systems. We are aiming to supply all our customer's orders by Next day delivery service, in order to meet their urgent projects, especially for UK customers. Actually, our products are being distributed not only in the UK or EU but also for global customers, such as in USA, Canada or Australia etc. For such overseas customers, our products can be directly shipped out from our factory as well, which is normally from South Korea to a customer's address. With such flexibility, we can offer the most efficient and cost effective solutions according to customers' requirements. 

At present, our best selling products are Self Adhesive Fabric (Removable and repositionable Wallpaper), Digital Wallpaper, Premium Backlit Film, Blockout Roll Up Banner Film, POP Up Banner Media, Flag Textile, Fire retardant Clear cut Textile, Synthetic Paper in Large format print media range.

Particularly, we are a leading supplier of Backlit Film or Back Lit Paper in A4 and A3 sheets (Branded "Lite Film®") and also Rear Projection Film, such as Transparent Holographics, Dark Grey or Dark Black Rear projection Film.

Recently, to stop Covid-19, we have launched anti-microbial products, such as airpurity freetex (Inkjet printable anti-microbial fabric - 2kinds) and airpurity Crystal (High transparency anti-microbial film - 2 kinds of self adhesive type and 3 kinds of non-adhesive type.)

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for better solutions and we guarantee that you will never be disappointed but fully satisfied with our top and high quality services.


MK1 1DX, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1908 637537

Email: sales@altiel.co.uk