RTL50L (A3)
Lite Film® for Laser Copiers



Premium Lite Film®, 130µm: Exclusively Designed for Laser Copiers
(Not compatible with Inkjet Printers).

(Backlit Film / Backlit Paper / Back lit Paper for LED Window Panels / LED Lightboxes)

Sheet size

297mm x 420mm 


  • Superior colour rendering with all Laser copiers and Laser-jet printers.
  • Translucent Film that's optimized for printer compatibility.
  • Hassle-free insertion into LED Lightboxes and window displays.
  • It provides brilliant illumination when used in LED Panels.
  • Durable Film resistant to tears and heat.
  • Dual-matt finish with anti-Static coating for both front and back.

Compatible printer

  • Any Laser MFD Copiers / Laser-jet Printers 
  • Not suitable for any Ink-jet printers 

Print side

  • It is printable on any side

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