RTL48 (A1)
Premium Lite Film® for Inkjet Printers



INKJET Premium Lite Film ®(Thick), 220µm 

Sheet size

841mm x 594mm 


  • Exceptional colour reproduction, compatible with both laser copiers and inkjet printers.
  • Effortlessly prints with photographic-quality visuals and text.
  • Optimized for LED panels, ensuring the most vivid and brightest imagery.
  • Produces sharp, radiant, and brilliantly luminous visuals.
  • Designed for maximum storefront impact by "Stay Bright" Technology Film
  • Resistant to curling and fading for lasting quality.
  • Engineered for seamless printing compatibility.
  • Enjoy lasting prints: Free from colour fade and paper yellowing concerns.

Compatible printer

  • All Inkjet printers using Dye and Pigment (UV) Inks
    - HP Large format printers
    - Canon Large format printers
    - Epson Stylus Large format printers
    - And many more