EcoFreen Premium DTF Hot Peel Film


EcoFreen Premium DTF Hot Peel Film

It works equally well for warm/cold peel. Ideally used with InkTec DTF ink and specialist DTF powder to create the ideal heat transfer onto a variety of media and various textile materials. Perfect for use with specialist DTF Printers and Shakers to create a soft, flexible finish on textiles and other media. It is the perfect heat transfer film, resistant to high temperatures for transfer onto various media: synthetic fabrics, cotton, linen, eco-leather and more. 

It features a high-rate colour transfer, distinct colour expression, and a wide gamut. Effective on both light and dark materials, its soft, durable touch creates an appealing finish for a myriad of promotional materials.


  • A soft feel and durable finish, Effective on both light and dark substrates,
  • Instant hot peel for faster production
  • Strong ink absorption ability – no bubbles
  • Vivid colour expression and quick drying
  • Wide colour gamut
  • Made in South Korea ensuring consistent quality and coating
  • Anti-static treated ensuring no powder is left on the film
  • High ink loading delivering premium matte, high resolution, vivid colours with no oil
  • Base material: 100% PET

Printing and handling

  • Transfer at a lower temperature and in a short time
  • Transfer images at medium pressure
  • The film should be returned to its original packaging after each use and stored in a ventilated and dry Environment. The DTF film is prone to moisture, which results in ink droplets being unable to spread evenly.
  • Therefore, in order to maintain the quality it is necessary to avoid using the machine in a humid environment.

Application tips

  • When printing it is recommended to set the appropriate pass and heating temperatures, this will ensure that there are no material deformation or drying issues 
  • It is recommended to test prior to use, samples are available, please contact us for details