P-2200 Tendo PREMIUM


TENDO° Essential Line – Reusable, Replaceable, Eco-Friendly 2’’ Masterpiece Dispenser for Pros with Patented 10° Sloped Chromium Blades - P-2200 (4th Gen.) 


  • Tendo is for the professionals who unconsciously felt uncomfortable with other existing products. We are a brand that always tries to solve the obvious problems
  • More than 800 tests just for the upgraded 4th Version? – Is it too much? NO. We tried our best to make the masterpiece with craftsmanship to solve the problems beyond one’s grasp. Through constant consumer surveys and experiments, we finally met the eco-friendly conditions and user satisfaction. Tendo’s 4th Gen, P-2200 is the result of a decade of trials with fans all around the world
  • Numerous outstanding points and features will enrich your working environment – Patented replaceable 10° Sloped Chromium Blade / Press Board / Blade Protection / Anti-Reverse Function / Ergonomic TPE Handle for Ambidextrous / Urethane Cover / Strong Durability etc.
  • From INPEX(USA) to iNEA(Germany) Awards! – We attained more than 30 patents, International Award Records, International Quality, and Environmental Standard certifications (ISO 9001 & 14001) over the last 10 years. We promise you the best quality with 4th Gen, P-2200. 
  • Tendo P-2200 is compatible with any 45mm ~ 50mm refill tapes. Plus, how about the replaceable blade for the environment? Let’s Protect the earth by just changing the blades instead of throwing away the blunt dispensers! 
  • P-2200 is compatible with B-200 blade