UV & HP Latex Glossy Backlit Film



Backlit Film Glossy for HP Latex & UV inks, 190micron


  • Non-adhesive Polyester Backlit Film (Translucent)
  • The highest whiteness and glossy front
  • 190-micron thickness, Water-resistant, front-print
  • No need for lamination
  • High gloss level supports high-resolution images and colors that come alive when backlit
  • Vivid colour expression and quick ink drying
  • Available up to 78-inch wide roll.  (Contact us for more details)

Available sizes

914mm x 30m
1067mm x 30m
1370mm x 30m
1520mm x 30m


  • LED Lightbox in trade show or Exhibition Illuminated showcases, Subway billboards, City billboards, etc