Antimicrobial 3D Mask for adults (Black)



Washable and reusable 3D Mask (Black) with 2 layers, made by 99.9% antibacterial fabric on the in & outside, structured with 90% Polyester and 10% Urethane. It prevents bacterial proliferation. Suitable for adults. (Size : 170mm x 140mm)



  • It is made by 99.9% antibacterial fabric, treated on both sides, which kills germs and prevents its proliferation. (Tested and certified Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute)

  • The fabric helps to remove odour as well caused by bad breath so it can be used for a longer time with odorless feeling than ordinary masks.

  • Its ergonomic 3D design with stretchable fabric enables excellent and comfortable fit on face for long time use.

  • Safe and comfortable for human skin and face even after a long time use. 
  • Easily breathable and ear-comforting strings with stretchable fabric.
  • Washable and reusable (Recommended up to 30 times).

Note] For long term use, avoid stretching the fabric unnecessarily or squeeze it too hard when washing, which may gradually make the tension of the fabric loose.